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  • June 23

    Dealing with CryptoWall Ransomware

    As a digital investigator who spent years tracking cyber criminals online, and as someone who has launched a Bitcoin security consulting company, I've been contacted a number of times by victims of digital ransom, looking for ways out. The story is always the same: they see a warning on their computer screen telling them that their files are encrypted, and unless they pay a hefty ransom (with Bitcoin) before the clock runs out, they will never gain access to their files again.

    Now that I work full-time at Decentral in Toronto, I see dozens of these victims come in...

  • April 13

    New Directors

    It is with pleasure that I announce the five new directors for the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada.

  • April 11

    2013 Financial Statements

    Hello everyone!

  • April 10

    Last Chance to Upgrade Membership

    The vote for our new directors starts tonight at midnight EDT, meaning this is your last chance to upgrade your membership to get the ability to vote.



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